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Arthrobotrys oligospora Fresen., Beitr. Mykol. 1: 18. 1850.. Description ,arthrobotrys oligospora的中文意思,例句, Vegetative hyphae hyaline, septate, 2.5?8.0 μm in diam; conidiophores hyaline, erect septate, 288?420 μm in height, 7?14 μm in diam at base, tapering upward to 2?6 μm in diam at tip

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Arthrobotrys oligospora was discovered in Europe in 1850 by Georg Fresenius. ‘A. oligospora’ is the model organism for interactions between fungi and nematodes. It is the most common nematode capturing fungus, and most widespread nematode trapping fungus in nature. It was the first species of fungi documented to actively capture nematodes. The species epithet, oligospora, derives from the

Arthrobotrys oligospora

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資料來源 Hsueh YP, Gronquist M, Schwarz EM, Nath R, Lee CH, Gharib S, Schroeder FC, Sternberg PW (2017) The nematophagous fungus Arthrobotrys oligospora mimics olfactory cues of sex and food to lure its nematode prey. eLife 6:e20023 圖片重製 林婷

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The fungal strains used in this study were Arthrobotrys oligospora (CBS115.81), Aspergillus terreus (NIH2624) and Aspergillus niger (ATCC11414). Chemotaxis assays Unless noted otherwise, chemotaxis assays were population assays performed with synchronized adult animals in the presence of sodium azide as described previously ( Bargmann et al., 1993 ).

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 · PDF 檔案Arthrobotrys oligospora is a typical nematode-trapping fungus that can capture free-living nematodes by the specialized mycelia adhesive networks 11, 12. It is a cosmopolitan species with fast

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Arthrobotrys oligospora: a model organism for understanding the interaction between fungi and nematodes. Mycology 2, 59–78. CrossRef Google Scholar Nordbring-Hertz, B. 2004. Morphogenesis in the nematode-trapping fungus Arthrobotrys oligosporaMycologist

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 · PDF 檔案Arthrobotrys oligospora, on Preparasitic Larvae of Cooperia oncophora and on Soil Nematode s P . NANSEN,1 J. GR0NVOLD,1 Sv. AA. HENRIKSEN,2 AND J . WOLSTRUP3 1 Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Institute of Hygiene and Microbiology ,

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arthrobotrys oligospora的中文翻譯,arthrobotrys oligospora的中文,版權所有違者必究。
Arthrobotrys oligosporus
Arthrobotrys superba var. oligospora Coem. Espesye sa uhong sakop sa division nga Ascomycota, ug nga gihulagway ni Johann Baptist Georg Wolfgang Fresenius ni adtong 1850 ang Arthrobotrys oligosporus. Ang Arthrobotrys oligosporus sakop sa kahenera

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Arthrobotrys oligospora strain XJ-XAo1 was isolated from soil samples in different geo-climates of Xinjiang and deposited at the Preventive Veterinary Medicine Laboratory of College of Animal Science and Technology (Shihezi University).
Arthrobotrys oligospora
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Carbohydrate/lectin interactions between the nematophagous fungus, Arthrobotrys oligospora, and the infective juveniles of Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Nematoda) – Volume 101 Issue 1 – …
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Arthrobotrys oligospora
Arthrobotrys oligospora fue descubierto en Europa en 1850 por Georg Fresenius. ‘UN. oligospora ‘es el organismo modelo para las interacciones entre hongos y nematodos.Es el hongo capturador de nematodos más común y el hongo atrapador de nematodos más

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Arthrobotrys oligospora, one of the best‐studied nematode‐trapping fungi, mainly lives as a saprobe. In the presence of nematodes, A. oligospora enters the parasitic stage by forming adhesive reticulate traps to capture nematodes. In filamentous fungi, autophagy
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