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Different species use camouflage for two main reasons: one is to hide from predators, the other is to blend better with the environment in which they hunt. The Art Of Hiding: 10 Animals That Are Masters Of Camouflage In the animal world, there are extraordinary
15 Amazing Camouflaged Animals
 · Some animals don’t just know their surroundings, they are their surroundings. Or at least that’s what their enemies think. Camouflage is an ancient art, and species around the planet depend on it
 · Camouflage How quickly can you spot these camouflaged animals? Evolution has driven some species to hide so perfectly, they are almost invisible. Can you …
Camouflage DCL The ability to blend into the surrounding environment can come in handy when trying to avoid a predator, especially for those animals with little else in their defense arsenal. Several animal species, including scorpionfish and leaf frogs, can
Animal Camouflage
Camouflage occurs everywhere in the natural world, but animal camouflage is an especially interesting phenomenon. In this amazing world, animal camouflage is carried out in many ways: in color patterns, modifications in their exoskeletons, variations in their skins and outer coverings; even mimicking objects in order to outfox their prey and to survive.
What animal has the craziest camouflage?
 · To evade predators and sneak up on prey, animals must often distort their true appearance. In order to pull of these subterfuges, animals have evolved many types of camouflage…
Camouflaged plants use the same tricks as animals
Examples of camouflage methods apparently used by both plants and animals include: Background matching—blending with the colours of shapes of the habitat where they live. Disruptive coloration

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Camouflage This may be my favorite part of this unit. Kids love to hide and they love to learn that animals do it too! Here are some of our camouflaging activities! How many mittens do you see? Look closely! We also love to make our own “camouflaging” animals
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In 1896 the American artist Abbott H. Thayer published an article on how animals protected themselves with the use of graduated colours. However, he also believed nature was acting as artist. Roy Behrens charts the cultural history of camouflage and its impact on

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偽裝, カムフラージュ; 擬態.【動詞+】 use camouflage カムフラージュする wear camouflage 偽裝する.【形容詞 名詞+】 effective camouflage 効果的な偽裝 masterful camouflage 巧妙な偽裝 Animals have a natural camouflage. 動物には生まれながらの擬態が
How do Animals Camouflage?
Remember the last time you played hide and seek. You hid behind a bush while your friend tried to find you. If you were wearing a green dress, the chance of you being seen was automatically reduced as you could be mistaken for a bunch of leaves. Hide and seek is a very old game and it seems human beings are not the only ones to play it. Small fish use the tactics of the game to hide from
Masters of Undersea Camouflage
 · See photos of sea creatures that are masters of camouflage (such as anglerfish, the mimic octopus, cuttlefish, and more) in this oceans photo gallery from National Geographic.

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Animals have an amazing ability to hide themselves within their surrounding. Whether they are hunted or the hunters, these cunning animals are all masters of disguise who can make you look them twice or thrice just to spot them in plain sight.

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 · Camouflage can also help animals sneak up on their prey. A shark, skate or octopus may lay in wait on the ocean bottom, waiting to snatch up an unsuspecting fish that wanders by. Below, take a look at some amazing examples of ocean camouflage and learn about the animals capable of blending in so well with their surroundings.
Camouflaged animals in the jungle
The animals that hide in the jungle. Some animals that live in the jungle are good at hiding – Monkeys hide at the top of the trees; elephants can hide behind leaves; rhinos cover
Camouflage animals: Nature’s masters of disguise
 · These amazing animals are true masters of disguise, blending effortlessly into their environment as a means of survival in the natural world.