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China’s New J-16D Aircraft Might Have a Terrifying New …

 · The aircraft in question is a variant of the two-seat J-16 Red Eagle strike plane—itself a Chinese copy of the Russian Sukhoi Su-30MKK Flanker. The two-seat Red Eagle is roughly

Chinese J-16 Fighter Jet Combat Ready To ‘Target …

Chinese J-16 fighter jet (Image: China’s air force has announced that its J-16 fighter jet, developed to ‘target Taiwan,’ will be combat ready soon.

China’s New Stealth Fighter?: Is the J-16 Getting Stealthy …

The J-16 is a reverse-engineered J-11BS and is an indigenous fighter -bomber equivalent to the Su-30MKK. As told by Andreas Rupprecht and Tom Cooper in their book Modern Chinese Warplanes, the J
Shenyang J-16 Silent Flanker Chinese
Shenyang J-16 Silent Flanker Chinese Intermediate Stealth Fighter – Defence Aviation China is developing a heavily modified variant of the J-11B code named J-16 Silent Flanker. It features stealth design like internal weapons bays,
Chinese J-16 fighter jet might soon be in service
Photos of a newly painted multi-purpose J-16 fighter jet going viral on the internet, suggested that the aircraft might soon be in service, a media report said on Thursday. Article by Kobus NL Open Source Intelligence Space Crafts Air Force Fighter Jets Aviation Aircraft Chinese Planes Military
Chinese anti-submarine aircraft enters Taiwan’s ADIZ
Of the 16 ADIZ incidents this month, 14 involved one to two PLAAF aircraft, while larger incursions took place on Feb. 19 and 20. On Feb. 19, nine Chinese planes, including four Shenyang J-16 fighter jets, four Xian JH-7 fighter-bombers, and one Shaanxi Y-9

Chinese bombers, jets ‘breach’ Taiwan’s air defence zone

Taipei reports “incursion” of eight nuclear-capable H-6K bombers, four J-16 fighter jets, and Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft over the south-western corner of its air defence identification zone. In this 2020 file photo released by Taiwan’s Defence Ministry, a Chinese H-6K

Video: China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Dogfights With J …

To commemorate the anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s first combat engagement, the service posted a video of its new J-20 “Weilong” stealth fighter locked in a high-speed dogfighting scenario with other advanced Chinese jets like the J-16 and

Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force …

 · The presence of so many Chinese combat aircraft on Friday’s mission – Taiwan said it was made up of four nuclear-capable H-6K bombers and 10 J-16 fighter jets, among others – …
List of aircraft produced by China
J-16 Shenyang Chinese strike aircraft, 4th generation J-20 Chengdu Chinese stealth fighter, 5th generation J-31 Shenyang Chinese stealth fighter in development Electric aircraft Designation Manufacturer Remarks E430 Yuneec International Two-seat electric light
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Chengdu J-20
The Chengdu J-20 (Chinese: 殲-20; pinyin: Jiān-Èrlíng), also known as Mighty Dragon (Chinese: 威龍; pinyin: Wēilóng), is a single-seat, twinjet, all-weather, stealth, fifth-generation fighter aircraft developed by China’s Chengdu Aerospace Corporation for the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF).
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J-16 vs Su-30MKI: Is China’s Multi Role J-16 Fighter a …

A Chinese flying instructor with the PLA recently claimed that the country’s multi-role fighter J-16 is a generation more advanced than the original Russian Su-30 fighter from which it was derived. He went on to claim that the fighter jet is “flawless and much superior” to even the Su-30, in an interview with a Chinese news channel.

Shenyang J-16 – Wikipedia

Shenyang J-16 ist ein chinesisches Mehrzweckkampfflugzeug und wurde vom Hersteller Shenyang Aircraft Corporation aus zwei Flugzeugen entwickelt: der Shenyang J-11BS und der von China verwendeten Suchoi-Su-30.Es verfügt über eine größere Reichweite und verbesserte Avionik..
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Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese air force
The presence of so many Chinese combat aircraft on this mission – Taiwan said it was made up of eight nuclear-capable H-6K bombers and four J-16 fighter jets – was unusual.

Beyond China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter – The Diplomat

 · Hints of a next generation fighter The PLA and Chinese aerospace industry has made impressive advances in recent China today continues to produce 4+ generation J-10C and J-16 fighter …

Chinese J-16 or Russian SU-57 for Turkey After Trump …

The Chinese J-16 fighter jets have already been tested for combat and will soon be inducted in the People’s Liberation Army of China. Turkey’s plans to purchase the S-400 missile defence systems from Russia too could be one of the reasons behind the ban on the sale of the F-35s to Ankara.