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I have been studying consciousness and holistic health for over 20 years, fueled by a love of many systems that have been created to understand, organize and explore the human experience. My curiosity and course of study is continuous, inclusive, and

Evaluation of HoloHuman augmented reality application …

 · After the use of HoloHuman, it was found that 43.5% of participants agreed that the 3D anatomical structures improved their understanding of anatomy and 36.5% agreed that they felt more confident about their anatomy skills.

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5G & medical education
Also from GIGXR, HoloHuman is an accurate 3D anatomical model of the human body. Instructors are using HoloHuman to help students visualise body systems and learn how they interact. These immersive training experiences are improving education for the
Holographic Virtual Anatomy Table
HoloHuman will move beyond these 2D products with a next-gen, glasses-free, holographic 3D display at comparable prices. Beyond training, future areas include surgical planning, diagnostic radiology, virtual autopsy, patient education and telemedicine.

GIGxr Acquires Pearson XR Operations — Campus …

 · HoloHuman “The Pearson Immersive Learning group has been instrumental in driving research and pioneering technology for mixed reality learning,” said GIGxr CEO, David King Lassman, in a statement. “We’re thrilled to expand on their great work to grow the platform and suite of applications globally when demand for enhanced learning through immersive simulation has never been higher.”

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GIGxr Acquires Pearson XR Operations — Campus …

 · Existing offerings include HoloPatient and HoloHuman, intended to help healthcare professionals hone their anatomy learning and practice their …

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The United Nations predicts that by 2050, the world will be home to 10 billion people, and two in five of these people will be aged 60 or over, including 434 million over 80 years old. This combination of population growth and demographic changes will seriously

Is Mixed Reality the Future of the Healthcare Industry? …

The Future of Mixed Reality Mixed Reality has already made deep inroads, especially in medicine. It will continue to improve the quality of healthcare and medical training as it positively impacts the medical industry. Fingent has helped many clients build custom healthcare software solutions, which integrate applications with the latest technologies like Mixed Reality.
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3-day free trial of Complete Anatomy. No obligation, no cost. Join over 1,000,000 users on the world’s most advanced 3D anatomy platform. Avail of quizzes, lectures, screens and
Using mixed reality to remodel teaching and learning
Hololens is remodelling teaching methods, too. Pearson has released a mixed reality curriculum of six apps using Hololens, including the anatomy app HoloHuman and Holopatient, which simulates illnesses and guides students through how to treat them.

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HoloLens2 A&P Lab
At Nursing, we will be using the HoloHuman app. HoloHuman allows students and teachers to work in groups using collaborative sessions where all participants can see and interact with unique 3D holographic models of the human body.

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HoloHuman is a multi-user experience that offers interactive 3D holographic views of human body. It can be used to reinforce knowledge and provide a more engaging learning experience. HoloPatient is created by using 3D volumetric video simulations to recreate a clinical experience.